Direct Actions

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  1. Shed for Bed, HMO, and POCA
  2. Shed for Bed Removal
  3. Outbuilding Removal February 2018
  4. Outbuilding removed from London back garden
  5. Bungalow Removed from London Garden
  6. Building demolished and carried brick by brick through main house!



  1. Advertisement Notice Appeal
  2. Advert Removal
  3. Roadside Advert Removed


Shop Canopies

  1. Kenton Park Parade Kenton Road Before and After
  2. Shutters removed from London street



  1. s215 House Restoration
  2. Garden Clearance


Change of Use

  1. Storage and Waste
  2. Scrap Metal Storage Use


Shisha Cafes

  1. Before and after 30 9 17
  2. Caught Red Handed – Shisha Equipment Removed


Listed Buildings

  1. Listed Building Wall Restoration